Chang-hsien (Robert) TSAI is a Professor of Law and Business at the Institute of Law for Science and Technology, College of Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, where he teaches Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Business Associations, Securities Regulation, Introduction to Civil & Commercial Law, Seminar on Business Association and Financial Law, Capital Market Regulations and Corporate Governance, Financial Technology, and Economic Analysis of Law. He was admitted to the New York and Taiwan bars, and practiced law for several years in Taiwan before relocating to the United States to pursue graduate study in law.

Professor TSAI graduated from the National Taiwan University College of Law with an LL.B. degree and a Master of Law degree. Additionally, he completed an LL.M. degree in Corporate Law from New York University (NYU) and a J.S.D. from the University of Illinois (UIUC). During his time at NYU and UIUC, he worked with the late Professor Larry E. Ribstein, who was ranked in the top four of corporate law professors in scholarly impact and whose research was the fourteenth-most downloaded of law professors in the world on SSRN.

Professor TSAI specializes in corporate law, financial market regulations, and securities regulation. Using analytic tools from the fields of law and economics, he examines the interaction of public regulation (governments or law) and private regulation/governance (the market and firms). His current research topics can be grouped into two broader tracks: comparative corporate law (including corporate governance and corporate social responsibility) and comparative financial regulation, including consumer financial protection and regulation of financial technology (such as crowdfunding, online supply-chain financing and online peer-to-peer lending). In addition to the appointment as Visiting Associate Professor of Law at the School of Law Tohoku University in Japan, he was invited to be principal speakers or to deliver public lectures for other leading research institutions, such as Tsinghua University's Law School in Beijing; KoGuan Law School Shanghai Jiao Tong University; the Faculty of Law of the Chinese University of Hong Kong; the Faculty of Law of Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan; the Faculty of Law of Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan; and the SungKyunKwan University Law School, Seoul, Korea; Erasmus School of Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands; and the School of Law at UNSW Sydney, Australia, where he has been invited to serve as Visiting Professorial Fellow. His recent scholarship includes articles and essays published or accepted for publication in the Hong Kong Law Journal, the University of Cincinnati Law Review, the Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business, the Cornell International Law Journal, the Boston University International Law Journal, the Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce, the Asian Journal of Law and Economics, the Asian Journal of Law and Society, Cambridge University Press, and Routledge.